Indoor play near Honiton

Here at Sunny Days, we are lucky to have full exclusive use of the massive indoor play frame at Playdome next door to the nursery. Our children far exceed the government’s guidelines on physical exercise and get 40 minutes play in the morning and evening and outdoor play at least once per day. The children are allowed to run around the vast play centre which covers 4000 square foot of space far exceeding the space that children can normally access at a nursery.

Fine Motor Skill Development
Feeding balls into the ball blower, spinning helicopter blades, throwing balls, spinning objects.

Gross Motor Skill Development
Squeezing through and under gaps and obstacles, balancing on objects, gliding and swinging on a buoy, spinning objects, climbing, descending and ascending steps. Sliding down our high slide develops a love of heights, develops a good core balance and strength in order to stay upright all the way down the slide.

Playing allows our children to discover new ways around the different levels of equipment. Our children negotiate different routes and exits, therefore, improving self-confidence and independent play and discovery. Confidence is built through trying and mastering new physical abilities. Our children develop a keen hand-eye coordination ability which is the foundation stone of so many sports.

Social Skills Development
Sharing, taking turns, teamwork, helping other children and adults.