Full exclusive use of Playdome
Parties at The Playdome

Parties are only held on a Saturday and will have fixed time slots to allow clear down etc. A non-refundable deposit will be required of £75.00 for non-private hire parties and £120 for private hire parties in order to secure them.

Option 1: Sole use of the play cafe for 2 hours is £250 for up to 30 children and you are free to do your own catering. We have to have two members of staff on for insurance purposes and to man the drop slide and clean down. We are able to offer teas and coffees and food from the cafe if any parents would like to purchase them. You are able to do pass the parcel and any other games that you would like to organise during the private hire. This price is inclusive of 20% VAT which we have to pay.

Option 2: £100 private hire fee and £10 per child for up to 30 children. The children get squash throughout the party, a party hostess, 2 courses of hot or cold food and ice cream and jelly for dessert. You can do whatever party games etc that you would like. Again we can provide hot and cold drinks, snacks and meals for purchase on the day. There has to be a minimum of 20 children to have this private hire option.

Option 3: Our normal party prices as set out on our website but there may be other parties within the play centre simultaneously. There is a minimum of 15 children for this type of party. If it is a joint party it will be a minimum of 25 children. Please note we no longer offer free return passes as the play centre is not open to the general public and only we can provide pass the parcel and pinata etc. You are welcome to do the birthday cake and party bags although we can sell party bags.

Call 01404 548267 to book or visit the Playdome website for more information.